Thank You For Your
Desire To Give!

Islamic Center of Reseda depends on the generous donations.  Monthly utilities along with all programming costs could never be paid without your generosity.  Every dollar donated is considered the lifeblood of the center and by extension the communityโ€™s future.

Donations may be sent by check or by using the automatic bank withdrawal. We urge you to fill out the monthly automatic withdrawal form and send it back to us.

Besides that, now you can donate to ICR online. This is a more convenient way for you to help ICR. Choose any of the option below.  All donations are tax deductible. Please save and/or print a copy of the payment confirmation as your receipt for tax purposes.
Donation by Check: Payable to:

P.O. BOX 16425
ENCINO, CA 91416

Donation by Zelle: Payable to:

ZELLE ACCOUNT # 8188228422

If Requesting for a receipt, please provide us your Name, Address and email.

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